2019 Top 10 Ecommerce Hosting

Rank Top Web Hosts Price Review Visit Site
HostGator Top Web Host Award! HostGator Ecommerce Hosting - Read Hosting Reviews $4.95 Read Our Review of HostGator
2 InMotion Hosting Ecommerce Hosting - Read Hosting Reviews $5.95 Read Our Review of InMotion Hosting
3 iPage Ecommerce Hosting - Read Hosting Reviews $1.99 Read Our Review of iPage
4 GreenGeeks Ecommerce Hosting - Read Hosting Reviews $4.95 Read Our Review of GreenGeeks
5 Cirtex Hosting Ecommerce Hosting - Read Hosting Reviews $2.49 Read Our Review of Cirtex Hosting
6 Omnis Ecommerce Hosting - Read Hosting Reviews $5.95 Read Our Review of Omnis
7 FatCow Ecommerce Hosting - Read Hosting Reviews $3.67 Read Our Review of FatCow

After taking into account important factors like security, reliability and customer support, we have listed the top 10 ecommerce hosting services that are cut above the rest. Internet has become a successful platform for starting a business. More and more people and companies are taking interest in creating web presence of their businesses. It goes without saying that ecommerce industry is growing rapidly day by day.

Ecommerce is all about showcasing the products or services of your business on the web. Millions of internet users spend most of them time on shopping online. If you are able to promote your website well, you will soon find visitors buying your products and services from your site. However, for this to happen you need to have a website and if you have one, you need to host the website on an ecommerce hosting server.

Ecommerce hosting will not only help in hosting your website but also provide a wide range of features such as shopping cart software, technical support for shopping cart, secured pages for making transactions, Google Checkout, plenty of professional store designs, search engine optimization and marketing tools, and accepting payment through credit card, PayPal, etc. Ecommerce hosting will also help in giving your site a professional look by providing you a wide range of templates.

Your website should provide the customers with the best possible security while making any transaction. Hence, you should use an ecommerce hosting that has been known to provide best security. However, there are plenty of other things you should consider while choosing an ecommerce hosting like reliability, speed and customer service. The best way to make sure you provide your visitors with the best service is to visit a popular ecommerce site that is hosted on the ecommerce hosting server that you are considering to use. Once you have found out the ecommerce features on that website, you can get a fair idea about what you can expect from the ecommerce hosting that you are considering. You can also get in touch with the webmasters through the ‘Contact Us’ page and ask them whether they are satisfied with the services of their current ecommerce hosting company.

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