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My Name: Delores Barnes
Hosting Length: 6 months - 1 year
My Website: Withheld
Hosting Category: Web Hosting
Verdict? Highly Recommended!
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Pair Networks Review

Here is what Delores Barnes had to say about Pair Networks and the overall experience with their web hosting service.
Whenever I think about dedicated hosting for my online flower store, I wanted to have a dedicated server which provided me solutions just like what Pair does for me.

Account Setup Feedback

Set up is free, simple and easy to accomplish with the Pair dedicated server plan. You can seek the support of the staff working in their support team whenever you feel the set up process difficult to understand.

Host Reliability

Their servers at the colocation data centers are capable of giving 100% uptime. Customers can enjoy better reliability together with performance from these servers.

Pricing Info

Pair is very particular about giving advanced facilities at a cheap price as compared to their competitors. You will get discounts which will reduce price even further.

Final Host Comments

The main reason why I was able to expand my online business was the capability of hosting provided by Pair.

Pair Networks Customer Support Review

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Here's what Delores Barnes had to say about Pair Networks's Customer Support:
They have kept a team of engineers who consider that customers should be able to reach them anytime they want.

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