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InMotion Hosting Review

Here is what Danny had to say about InMotion Hosting and the overall experience with their web hosting service.
I had been hosting with different hosting companies over the years and for the most part I had good success with most of them, but one always stood out from the others, As you can see, by this review, I am not earning any money by posting this here, I am just posting here to help others that "like me in the past" have a hard time deciding who or where to host your website. Most reviews out there are simply there because the reviewer makes money from you clicking on a link associated with your review! I am not here to make money from this review, I am here to help those that currently are, or have been in my situation at one time or another. I will try to make this short. For 4-5 years now I have been hosting with, for the most part they have served me very well. The main key to their success is their customer support, WOW is all I can say! In Aug 2011 I had made up my mind that I wanted more than they had to offer "mistake on my part" but let me explain. I was in the process of designing a more intricate website and I thought that I would need more then what they "posted" they were offering so I set out to find a hosting provider that would allow me to do a bit more than what was being offered! After going through the messy "less than honest" reviews posted out there by money hungry internet geeks looking for referral bucks, and spending precious time emailing many hosting providers with my many questions in order to prevent me from making a mistake by signing up with a hosting provider that will have me shaking my head at every turn in the road. Disappointed with what I was finding out there, I finally thought why not ask my current hosting provider! Hey, it was that simple, I had many conversations and many email communications with their customer support and guess what? They could accomplish everything that I sent their way, many changes needed to be made to my server that were let's say "out of the norm" and they had no issues with that. Very professional people you will be dealing with here, second to none. So I hope I did not boar you with my babbling on about this but, hey this is the result � Everything is running fine and please do not second guess yourself. CHECK OUT IMOTIONHOSTING.COM

InMotion Hosting Customer Support Review

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Here's what Danny had to say about InMotion Hosting's Customer Support:
Second to none. Best in the field. "I've been through a few"

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