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My Name: Lanford Shaw
Hosting Length: 6 months - 1 year
My Website: Withheld
Hosting Category: Web Hosting
Verdict? Highly Recommended!
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BlueHost Review

Here is what Lanford Shaw had to say about BlueHost and the overall experience with their web hosting service.
When my friend suggested the name of BlueHost for my online shop, I never knew they were leading in the internet. After two years of confident hosting, I realised why they are leading others in the website and I have been reviewing them constantly during these days.

Account Setup Feedback

Set up for a cPanel account is fast and account set up means, you get complete facilities needed for a decent hosting.

Host Reliability

Reliability is never a problem since there is no noticeable break in the uptime. The websites are always up for continuous days.

Pricing Info

I never think, we can get such an advanced hosting facility for such a low pricing.

Final Host Comments

BlueHost has made me popular among my customers and my customers are bringing more traffic, owing to the satisfied performance given by my website.

BlueHost Customer Support Review

Customer Hosting Reviews is the only website with a seperate customer support review box. Customer support is the top reason why customers tend to stay with or leave a web hosting company such as BlueHost. How was your experience with BlueHost? Submit a BlueHost review today!

Here's what Lanford Shaw had to say about BlueHost's Customer Support:
Customer support staff has a high knowledge base and is constantly updated so that they are capable of answering any queries put forth by customers.

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