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2019 Best Windows Hosting!
Launched in 2003 with thousands of satisfied customers across the globe, DiscountASP is the best Windows hosting service that has been providing reasonably priced and reliable Microsoft Gold Hosting Competency Windows hosting service for personal and business web sites needing the best in ASP.NET hosting.

Best Windows Hosting - DiscountASP - Overview

When it comes to windows hosting, what you need is to find a hosting service company that guarantees optimum uptime, easy-to-use and must also be easy on the budget. DiscountASP is just that and so much more. It provides the best windows hosting services since it was founded back in 2003. It has received several awards through the years for their web hosting services with a web hosting package that’s affordable and would fit every webmaster’s needs. It’s just one type of package but it’s all you’d really need. For just $5 a month ($60 a year), you will get plenty of free features such as support for all versions of ASP.NET, MVC, WebMatrix when you pay the annual fee (for the first year) and a free setup fee for both their USA and Europe-based datacenters. You’ll get a 30-day money back guarantee plus instant activation of account and the Windows 2008 and 2003 web hosting. For a domain name, you can get one for just $15 a year or if you already have your own existing domain name then there’s no need to pay extra to use it.

The DiscountASP windows hosting service provider supports all the asp.net versions and it’s also equipped with the free Webmatrix Version 2 beta hosting sandbox, ASP.net MVC and Silverlight.

Here are the other great features of DiscountASP that made it the best in Windows Hosting:

  • Microsoft WebDeploy support
  • SQL databases management through their SQL Management Studio
  • Connects remotely with the use of the IIS 7 Manager. They are one of the first few hosting providers on ASP.NET that is offering the IIS7 web hosting for Windows 2008.
  • ASP.NET technology experts as they built their own control panel using the ASP.NET technology. Proof that DiscountASP is not just offering hosting of ASP.NET but they are actually using the technology behind it.
  • Isolated application pools sites are hosted with full trust
  • Winner for being the best ASP.NET host presented by .NET Developers Journal, DevProConnections Magazine, asp.netPRO Magazine, Visual Studio Magazine and many others.

DiscountASP is offering special deals. It varies depending on the deals that they offer at that time. They offer discounts for their add-ons like GleamTech, UrbanTurtle, DotnetInvoice, Xigla .NET apps, Visual Webgui and many others. It’s best to check what available special deals they have that you can avail and take advantage of while you can.

The available optional add-ons for DiscountASP are also fairly priced. If you are in need of extra disk space, their 500 MB disk space is only worth $5 a month. 5 Gb of bandwidth allocation per month (additional) is also $5 a month. 100 MB of email storage extra is only $1 a month. The MS SQL 2008 R2 Hosting that has 500 MB of disk space with 1 Gb of transaction log is an additional $10 a month. All the add-ons don’t go for more than $15 a month each.

DiscountASP.NET is also able to run the ASP.net 4.0 as it supports the .NET Framework 4. Because of the .NET Framework 4 therefore it is able to run Visual Studio 2010 and the Visual Web Developer 2010 Express and Silverlight 4 as well as the One-click publish support.

One great thing about DiscountASP is that every web hosting account are hosted individually and isolated from each other. That means that if one customer has crashed their site the rest of the sites in the application pool won’t be affected in anyway. That’s because their server platform are created and configured to give the best security & reliability for their customers.

The great news about DiscountASP is that they are the pioneer in using the Windows Web Hosting that supports IIS& Manager. They also developed their own IIS7 Manager U.I. Extensions and support other released extensions by Microsoft like the DBManager, IIS Smooth Streaming and the URL Rewrite.

Available Microsoft UI Extensions for DiscountASP

  • DBManager 1 w/ SQL Backup and Restore- remote and local databases are easily managed through the IIS Manager. It has many functions such as tables’ management, views and storing of procedures, data and ad hoc queries.
  • MS Web Deploy & MS Deploy- an important tool that allows you to package all your web contents and application configurations such as your databases. Application packages can be deployed by customers to their SQL servers and the web with the use of the IIS Manager without the need for an administrative privilege to do so.
  • IIS Smooth Streaming- Media streaming is smooth over HTTP to the clients on Silverlight.
  • URL Rewrite Module
  • Admin Pack-  Asp.NET Authorization Rules UI and Error Page UI
  • Failed Request Tracing

Discount ASP TFS Hosting

TFS Hosting is Microsoft Team Foundation Server hosting that utilizes the platform Microsoft Visual Studio TFS 2010 for the application management solution for managing different projects on software development. With the TFS hosting you don’t need to run your own TFS as your team can just use the TFS for SaaS solution that are hosted by DiscountASP.
  • Source Code Version Control
  • Data centers situated in US and UK
  • $20 per user per month
  • Monthly contracts
  • Cost-efficient
  • TFS Build
  • Servers
Windows web hosting had never been this good and DiscountASP knows how to stand out from the rest of windows hosting service companies. There are plenty of web hosting providers offering their services with packages that are competitive and sometimes really cheap. What you need is to find one that gives you everything you need without charging you more with features that you won’t use. They provide nothing but the best that’s why they have been named as the best company for windows hosting multiple times by different award-winning bodies.

Best Windows Hosting - DiscountASP - Conclusion

DiscountASP is one of the best, if not the best, when it comes to Microsoft web hosting. Their mission is to provide the best value for .NET developers with web hosting solutions that Microsoft developers around the world would want to use.

They have two data centers locations that you can choose from and both are priced the same. You can choose from the UK Data center or the US Data center. Find one that is closest to your own location for optimum result.

There are many reasons why hosting with DiscountASP is the best. First of all, because it specializes in ASP.net 4.0 hosting, ASP.net MVC hosting, SQL Database hosting, TFS and Silverlight hosting, they are able to focus on what will give the best value for Windows hosting in the enterprise level. They are only focusing on the .NET developers and they don’t divert to Linus, Unix, Java, VPS, sharepoint, webfarm hosting and the likes.

The Microsoft Partner Gold Hosting Network Program had given DiscountASP a gold star for their hosting competency status which means that they have reached the highest status. DiscountASP is one of the first web hosting companies that ever launched the TFS hosting as well as the SQL 2008 and Windows 2008 hosting. They were also the first to launch the SQL 2005 hosting as they launched it exactly on the same day that Microsoft SQL 2005 was released officially, the same thing with ASP.net 2.0.

Awards and Recognitions Received by DiscountASP

  • Best Windows web host by Top Five Awards. Visit http://windows-hosting.topfiveawards.com/
  • Best ASP.NET hosting DevProConnections Magazine winner for the gold award in 2010 and 2011. 2 straight years!
  • Best ASP.NET Hosting Service winner of the Merit Award from the Visual Studio Magazine Community Choice Poll for 2006 to 2011. 6 consecutive years!
  • Best ASP.NET Hosting Service from the Member’s Choice of Code Project from 2009 to 2011. 3 consecutive years!
  • Best ASP.NET Hosting for DevProConnections Community Choice gold award in 2010.
  • Best ASP.NET Hosting Provider winner for Mindcracker Network’s Editors Choice Award in 2010.
  • Best ASP.NET Hosting Service winner for the asp.netPRO Magazine’s Reader’s choice from 2005 to 2009. 5 straight years that is the first in the webhosting history!
  • Best ASP.NET Web hosting award from the Visual Studio Magazine in 2007.

DiscountASP continues to work hard to provide the needs of their customers in the Microsoft developer community. Each year brings new technology and tools that can be used in web hosting services and DiscountASP wants to push forward to use the right tools to do the job fast. They continue to launch their beta services like the Free SQL 2012 beta hosting sandbox and web matrix v2 beta hosting sandbox to be tried and tested to fix all the bugs and adjustments before they include it to their added services. They continue to launch different add-ons and support for their customers to take advantage of.

DiscountASP knows they are one of the best in web hosting service providers and they need to step up if they want to maintain that. They are able to maintain their stature through the years and continually receiving awards and recognitions for their hard work.

Windows Hosting - 10 Latest DiscountASP Reviews

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DiscountASP Customer Reviews Cort Collins 05/05/2013 Web Hosting 96% Read
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DiscountASP Customer Reviews Art Johnson 03/22/2013 Web Hosting 97% Read
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